Hello there!

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Hello there!

We humbly welcome you to my our virtual home.

Itsallaboutwitwiw was previously just a personal site. Basically, it was all about me. “Witwiw” was derived from my lack of ability to whistle. witwiw.. yeah, that’s right!

I started writing simple thoughts in 2012 and bought my own domain which I have to keep for another 3 years before I could rename it since most of my posts include the whole ménage.

I am a registered nurse at heart but currently a homemaker. Married to a wonderful husband Rodrigo, and a first-time mom to our amazing son also named Rodrigo (Marshall, his second name). While I’m still searching for my true passion,  I’m also looking for work at home opportunities.

Feel free to read and be a part of our family’s nest of stories.

I am not a blogger, just a storyteller. 🙂

*edited on Feb 11, 2017

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