This site is closing down.

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So, the time has come for me to finally let go of this website. Hashtag Konmari! haha!

Seriously, I’m leaving this site not because it doesn’t spark joy anymore… But because it’s hard to maintain 2 websites. Ayoko ng magpakawonderwoman! hehe!

Anyway, this domain is valid until 2020 so the posts will still be available until the time na (hopefully!) maimigrate ko na lahat ng previous posts sa isang website.

I hope you had a wonderful time browsing my site looking for some helpful information. It has been a pleasure sharing my personal stories on this site from the time I was not married and was not a mom yet.

On a good side, I would (try to) be very hands-on on posting stories not just about me, but more of our family. Join us for some family adventures (and misadventures) on our not so new website. Come and let’s have fun together, in tobringtogether! 😉

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