This Tuesday’s Thought 09.

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Since I’ve started editing Marshall’s Youtube videos, I’ve been busier and so I missed last week’s TTT. Anyway, I super enjoy making all the videos of our activities and I don’t mind staying up late just to finish at least a quarter part of a video. And I am excited to edit moooore.. :))

Last Sunday was the father’s day and I just wanna greet all the beloved fathers and fathers at heart, especially to my hero since birth, Papa. And of course my loving husband Rod, and my dear father in law Tatay, and my kuya from another mother Kuya Buboy. Happy father’s day! Mwah!!!

Anyway, here’s TTT 09.

Reading: How to Make Money on Blogging topics.

Writing: blog updates for Marshall’s site and mine.  (still.. and i guess im gonna spend a lot more time for that) (same)

Listening: sentisibuboy‘s playlist

Smelling: newly changed bedsheet. hurray!

Wearing: Top shirt says, who needs sleep; and striped pajamas.

Feeling: Cold (it’s raining)

Hoping: To edit more videos on time.

Thinking: of what gift I should give to Rod for our 3rd Wedding Anniversary. (yeah.. still..) same, and it’s gonna be tomorrow– this was 2 weeks ago. (Unfortunately I wasn’t able to buy a gift for Rod, but we just went out and we went (little bit) shopping for each other.)

Loving: our new quilt.

Needing: more patience

Wanting: hair cut.

Clicking: picmonkey

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