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Sweet Escape

Valentine’s day is pretty soon and if you’re still looking for a sweet place to stay, this place is just for you.

Last November, Rod surprised me with an overnight stay at a very nice resort. Very seldom that we have alone time together and I was really touched that he made time to plan a short getaway.

The place is called Lilom Resort. ‘Lilom’ is a local word which means ‘a shady place’. It is located further down in Mabini, Batangas.

Since we are looking for an adventure, we decided to commute instead of driving. It took us almost 7 hours to reach the place, to think that we only came from Dasmariñas, Cavite. We relied on the conductors saying, “baba kayo dyan, sakay kayo dito”.  There’s no problem in commuting but we highly suggest that you do your own research with the transports. Also, beware of the magugulang na mga drivers. We had a bad experience in one of the tricycle drivers in San Teodoro. He initially said he will bring us directly to Lilom not knowing he will just bring us to another tricycle station and said, “dito na po ang sakayan pa-Lilom,” and asked for 50 pesos. If we only knew that it was just approximately 250 meters far from the first station, we should have just dragged ourselves instead of riding his trike.  Di na lang kami pumalag ni hubby since we’re foreign sa place at naisip namin baka may pinagdadaanan. Napa-adventure talaga! hehe. Anyway, you can refer here for directions and transport price.

16491697_1507040432639789_768949539_oBefore you reach the main part, you have to get through these 200 steps.

Pasabik ba.. hehe15008004_1368668286477005_668179953_oAt the time we went there, it was raining kaya medyo madulas, and gutom na ren kami. We reached the place at around 3 pm.  And Rod said, “Sana pala nagdrive na lang ako. haha.”

Nevertheless, the place was a glance of heaven. 16523065_1507040525973113_1133860991_o





It is a small sweet paradise promising privacy and intimacy with its cool fresh air, serenading sound of the sea, native cottage style, and shades of greeneries.

But of course, we are terribly hungry and we want to satisfy our tummy’s desire before anything else.

I forgot the name of Ate, their cook and helper. She was very kind to offer us lunch menu although we came late.14964286_1368668206477013_355986051_oThe lunch buffet includes grilled chicken, and fish, kare kare, and ripe mango for dessert. Indeed, we were not disappointed with the food.

After few minutes, we decided to take a nap since we had a long day of travel. We stayed in the Satcho’s House which is the nearest room in the pool amongst others. 16466832_1507040749306424_1673906065_o


inside the Satcho’s House

I like the old fashioned theme of their cottage which has a very relaxed vibe. Though it has a traditional framework, the room has air condition. Other rooms are named after the native words Butanding, Paraw, Kubo, Capiz, Tuko and Pawikan. 

Just in time when we woke up, snacks were served. Eating time again! This time they served turon and hot tablea. Hmm, just nice for a rainy weather. We had a chit chat with the family we met there during our stay. They were also having a good time and it was actually their 2nd time being there.

The hammock was calling me after they served some crostini and mojito shortly after the snack.

While resting, I began to miss Marshall. But seldom we have time like this as a couple, so I just enjoy and seize the moment. I watched the sunset flies so fast, like a sand on an hour glass. 16491375_1507040762639756_1936526381_o

If you do not feel diving or snorkeling, you can just wade or swim in these two tiny pools. Speaking of, they have diving gears and shoes you can borrow.

We requested for a body massage before our dinner.

16492119_1507040902639742_1720431734_o16492352_1507040792639753_32039654_oThe staff set up this table for a dinner for two.


We had sinigang na bangus, fried porkchop, and pancit. Not to mention, minatamis na saging for dessert.

We wanted to have a beer after dinner but we were just too full and all we wanted was to spend the rest of the night together.

The next morning, we went for a dip.16731454_1515962945080871_1112591349_o but the water was too cold since it was still raining.

excuse me po sa mga naumay!  haha! :)


We looked for some shells as pasalubong for Marshall, with the resort’s permission of course.a16731820_1515962881747544_707310064_o

Thereafter, we started the unlimited breakfast which serves until 10 am. Our full meal includes pancakes, hotdogs, fried rice, corned beef, omelet, and of course, pandesal with kapeng barako.

Before heading home, we took photos together with the very nice family.
PB040206 2.34.33 pm




This place is highly recommended for a sweet escape aside from the fact that the staff were all very genuine and accommodating.

Now I wonder, where and when will be the next time? :))

You may check them out at http://lilomresort.wixsite.com/lilom-resort

*Disclaimer: This is not a paid advertisement.

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