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…i tender my resignation.

It was such a relief.

Nonetheless, it wasn’t just a click-of-a-fingertip-decision. There were several sleepless nights and  frequent discussions with my ever supportive husband. We both prayed for God’s guidance. I needed to achieve a target amount for my personal emergency fund as well. And i had to make sure I am emotionally and professionally prepared for this separation. Finally, i had the courage to take this uncertainty.

Deciding to leave is a rare opportunity that not everyone is willing to take, yet I was able to embraced it.  I have took the risk of getting out of my comfort zone.

My very own husband quotes: “There is never a safe zone, only a comfort zone”.

and i totally agree with it.

For the longest time, i found myself in my very own comfort zone..

I was doing bedside nursing care for the past 9 years.

Almost a decade of running to the side by side call bells, lifting patients twice of my weight, bending over there and everywhere, skipping meals, missing toilet breaks, writing notes till our pens give up, scolded by patient, scolded by doctors, and a lot more scolding from everyone, stains from blood, urine, or vomitus or even poo, dry hands from every minute of hand washing and hand rubs, sound and alarm of machines that you can still hear even while your dreaming, punch and kicks from an uncontrolled patients, antibiotic smells, long standing hours, tangled from different phone calls, and a lot more.

But, never did I regret any of those. In fact, I am very thankful that I had the chance to experience all those and am proud that i belong to one of the toughest careers (if i may say) yet undoubtedly a noble profession. It is priceless to have the elderly’s warm touch, their genuine smile, or just a simple thank you that we seldom receive.

For the past 4years and 5months, NHCS have given me a chance to work and learn in the institution and i will be forever thankful for that. It wasn’t easy to let go considering the most valued friendship and the encouraging mentors i have worked with.

I could not eloquent for now the possible consequences of this decision but what am sure of, is that staying means giving up an opportunity I would forever regret.

As my personal philosophy says, life is a never ending learning. No matter how good a person is, he/she still have a lot to know, and a lot more to give. I want to prove myself that i can do more.. and i deserve more as well.

Friends, my working experience here would not be the same without you. I am not leaving nursing. I just chose to take a bigger step in the same general direction. For now, let me enjoy the perks of being a full time mom and a housewife.

See you around peeps! 🙂

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