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It was a sunny day today and it’s my off day! When Rod left for work, i started cleaning the closet. I realized I already have a lot of clothes. Some of them are quite old but i still want to wear cause they’re comfortable. Few of them are still new. While others were stocked for so long, that i haven’t even worn yet.

Then i just thought of doing something productive and creative as well. ūüôā

I took some of my long sleeves and or 3/4 blouses. Since it summer, why not transform them into a new look?  yeah! Let me share it with you guys!

Here is the picture of the dress before i did my experiment.

You will be needing basic sewing stuffs such as pair of scissors, needle, thread, and trash bin.

Hold the dress exposing the armpit layer. (like the one shown in the picture)

 Take the pair of scissors and start cutting the stitches carefully.


Do not pull the cloth too tight so as not to create visible holes from the previous stitches.

After cutting all the stitches of the entire sleeve, it will look like this.

One down!

Proceed to the next sleeve.

Take out the ripped threads and throw it in the trash bin.

Make sure to remove all the unnecessary threads.

Tadaaaa! Seems i have a new dress to try on!

By the way, this dress was bought from “Etchuserang Ukayera“, a¬†thrifted¬†online store of my friend Chedah.

Try it and see for yourself!  Have fun!

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