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It’s a Saturday afternoon and I am taking this time to write this while I am on my way home riding a bus, listening to Ed Sheeran’s playlist.

I have been busy lately and I felt that there’s just not enough time these past few months. Probably because I am still working on a Saturday, but at least just half of the day. Not that bad though cause I am no longer on shifting. I guess there’s just bunch of things I am looking forward to every single day that makes me tied up, but hoping to squeeze in some little time to share stories with you.

January this year, Rod and I started to set up our short term goals aside from the long term ones. Probably that’s the reason why we are both tied up every single day. At least it keeps us going day by day despite each other’s stresses at work. As much as possible, we try to leave the not so good stuff at work. Anyway, family is our priority.

Speaking of work, (let me just verbalize a bit of my work stuff). Time flies so fast and iIdidn’t notice that I’m nearly 1 year in my not so new work this coming September.  It was really a different work environment from my previous one. Imagine I was previously working on a ward base nursing environment for almost a decade, and here I am now in clinic and angio-room.  Basically, my work now as a nurse is mainly to assist the doctors in the patient’s treatment may it be in a clinic and angio set up. I am starting to get the hang of it, though, holding different kinds of wires, and keeping myself sterile as possible. Earlier days, I get a lot of scoldings in angio and it makes me laugh of myself.

Anyway, enough of this work. Just looking forward to every day that will be done.

Marshall, by the way, is here again in Singapore. This time, it’s only Mama who’s with him. Both my siblings have their own jobs already and I don’t want to disturb them to cancel their work just to help with taking care of Marshall. So I and Rod take turns to help mama with taking care of Marshall. We are really so blessed that both our parents can still help us in providing care to our son. That is really one of our dilemmas, but in God’s time, everything will put into place.

Good day! 😉

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