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Discovering a new talent is so much fun! So last Saturday, my housemates had this dinner and dance party, and one of my friends ask me to help her do her makeup. I was hesitant at first. But recently I had this thing on looking on some hair and beauty images and videos. So, I said to her, why not we give it a try.

I send her some images of makeups that would fit the dress. It was actually the same dress I wore during my dinner and dance party as well. A bandage dress mixed with gold and black colors. So roughly I already have an idea on how to do her makeup.

This was our idea of the eye makeup, supposedly.. hihi

photo grabbed from pinterest

But here’s my output:

not bad for a first timer! :)

not bad for a first timer, right? 🙂

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to take a video of my first trial session. But these are some of the stolen shots taken by my babe.

Presenting Catherine! hehe

photo grabbed from Alex

photo grabbed from Alex

I’m one proud friend and make up artist as well! haha feelingera! 

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