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Feel like it’s been ages since I lay my fingers on my laptop typing another post to share. Numerous events happened… We went back to the Philippines last January. Then, we came back again in June, and thereafter, we spent some time in Japan. We moved to a new unit. I also did some driving lessons. Marshall’s starting kindy next year. There are plenty of scheduled Christmas parties and there’s still a whole bunch of unceasing tasks. Not to mention, my birthday is tomorrow. I feel like I’ve aged so much for the last 9 months since my last story here.

As you know, I am already an Au RN. I am currently working in one of the private hospitals near my place. I work on those days while Marshall is at school while the rest of the days, I (try my best to) do my duties as a wife and mom to Rod and Marshall. To be frank, it is totally laborious juggling between work and household routine considering we lack any family or relatives here in Australia. I really noticed a huge dissimilarity where we used to have either my mom and sister or parents in law who took turns coming in and out of Singapore lending us a hand to care for Marshall and simultaneously helping me with the household chores. In many instances, I feel that the hours are not enough for me to do the things that I need to do, although I only work part-time. To be fair with Rod, he makes every effort to help me and I truly appreciate it. But of course, I have to understand that he needs some downtime as he is doing a full-time job.

Speaking of which, I am already 8 months in my current work yet I still feel that there is a plethora of information that I need to absorb. Not attracting negative vibes, but in view of being out of my nursing career for almost 3 years, I knew I would have work predicaments. And surely, nangarag nga ang lola mo!

How I wish I would have known beforehand that there will really be a high expectation for overseas nurses like me. Nasanay siguro ako sa Pinas na spoon feeding, at sa Singapore na may buddy system for several months. I expected the same way here but is not. Here, they expect you to be independent as soon as possible. They would want to see you confident in the earliest possible time. Although I am in my nursing career for more than 10 years (PH and SG), there is no doubt that I went through an immense adjustment, from culture to the working environment.

Not to brag, but during my younger days at work (as if sobrang tumanda na talaga ko! haha), I was a quick learner. I know that I had great capabilities at work. But now, I feel left out. I don’t know if its because I was out of my career for quite some time, I felt that nagslow yung pagcatch up ko. Or possibly that one of the drawbacks of working part-time (2 days working) is not able to catch up on things easily and tend to forget about it since I don’t really encounter the learnings subsequently.

I am currently working in the Cath Lab and I was honest during the interview that though I have few months experience in Cath Lab, truly I have a lot of things that I need to accomplish and develop. The number of cases I’ve done is Singapore were not that much compared to the daily cases in my current job. I am working with very smart people and because they are too skilled at work, I feel that I dont belong. Alam mo yung feeling na hindi mo sila ka level dahil sa sobrang galing nila… Though there are few people that reach out to me and teaches me and very thankful for them.

From time to time, I’m trying to read and do my own research about Cath Lab and other related stuff yet there’s just a lot of things that get my way especially having a preschool. Yet, I am very pleased that I have Rod and Marshall here with me. Their hugs and kisses fade away the stress I have at work. Between  family and career, of course, I want to prioritize my family more than anything else although I’m still trying to exert more effort and be of use in the best that I can. Kahit papano I’m grateful that I have work, and I earn. (importante yun! haha!)

Last night, I couldn’t help but read my previous stories with my previous colleagues back when I was in the Philippines and Singapore. I miss those times that no matter how toxic it was, we still shared some good laugh, and good food! 

If anyone feels the same way as mine… We can do it. Just pray.. I continually pray to God to give me wisdom and presence of mind and to bless me with a mentor that would mold and impart learnings genuinely. One that would instill their knowledge in the easiest possible way I can absorb.

Kapit lang RNs. Keribels natin to! 😉

 2 Corinthians 4:16-17
“16 Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. 17 For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.”

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