this is my story, not yours

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Yes, i’m already 8 weeks pregnant by now. i’m happy! we’re happy!

Truth is, it feels quite sad when i know some people think of me the wrong way. What’s wrong with getting pregnant first before getting married. It has always been a “talk” since the previous era. I know as a Christian and Asian, it is a must for a woman to be married first prior to conceiving. I admit. I have been careless. We have been careless. But we don’t regret every single of it. We wanted this. We planned for this, although it came earlier than expected. My family knew about it, their excited. His family knew about it, their cool with it. We’re all happy. We plan to get married next year for some reasons, specifically sukob. And that’s it.

How come some people think it’s a big mistake. Hey, this is my story. Not yours, not anyone else.. mine..

It seems that some people have dreamt of a story for you, and then once you failed them, when you did your own sequence of story, your out! You cannot blame them. Well you cannot please everyone isn’t it.  But what’s important is I’m happy.

I’m no longer a teen. I’m  already working for my own. I have helped my family and will still continue to do that. I pray. Always. I am in love. And if being in love and getting pregnant is a sin, I know that God have already forgiven me. And by giving me this angel i feel so blessed!  C’mon let’s not make it a big deal. 🙂

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