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This is my first time to do a blogsite. I really don’t know how or where do I start. I guess, beginnings are always the most difficult, isn’t it? I was just lying in bed thinking of what would be my first blog ever. I was thinking of the photos I took, the places I’ve seen, and people I’ve been with.

It is a rainy Thursday. I’ve been listening to the lovely voice of Johnoy Danao since last night. Perhaps I need to talk about him in my next blogs.  It’s already past 3 in the afternoon.  And then I just realized, why not talk about off days?  Yes! it’s my favorite day aside from payday! 🙂

Off days are the best. I get to wake up whatever time I want. I can just lie down here in my bed the whole day if I want. Except perchance that I need to do the laundry or clean my room or the house.  In my line of work,  I’m on a shifting duty.  At times I need to work for the whole week or more, but I get to have several off days in return. Typically, I have 2 days off. On my first day off, I would try to finish every laundry and cleaning that I need to do so I can save my other rest day for resting and going out. I feel the need to go out when I’m free. I need to de-stressed from all the problems at work.

Whilst when I’m on my so called hibernate mode,  I just eat a lot. I have a lot of food stored in our cabinet. I guess that explains why I gain weight (a bit). I will also read any book on my ebook then sleep at intervals.

Oftentimes, I took pictures of what I do during my off days, and upload it to Instagram with hashtag #iloveoffdays.
these are some of it!


kuya buboy, me, and rod


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I guess people spend their off days differently. What matters is you enjoy every single time of it!