LDR.. here we go again..

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Finally! I’m already back in the Philippines! For good?? well, i hope so.. but no.. not yet.. maybe soon?!

Anyway, i came back almost a month. Actually, I and rod, went back. It was our first flight as mr&mrs.. heehee.. And it was also my first flight being preggy. Based on the airline protocol, a pregnant woman more than 28 weeks should carry a fit to travel memo from the doctor. I was already on my 31st week of gestation at that time so i needed to prepare it beforehand. Thank God everything went fine and the plane landed safely.

Our 1st flight as mr&mrs 🙂


We spent the weekend with his family in Makati and then went home to my side in Cavite. Rod stayed overnyt. 

That night was one of the toughest nights we had. Although weve been on a long distance relationship for quite some time (7months), this current situation is much more different than before. For the reason that we were already used to being together plus the fact that we are having this little angel soon. I know Rod is really having a hard time leaving us here but he’s trying to be strong enough. And so do I.

So the morning after he accompanied me to see my OB, he then left.. He needs to be home early to prepare for his flight back in Singapore.

It has been days of chatting, skype, line, fb.. again.. But it’s ok.. It’s one of the challenges we need to surpass as a couple. Time flies so fast anyway, and without even noticing, he’ll be back again, for baby’s delivery. weeh!

We miss you chubby daddy! :p


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