It’s his day!

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Woah! Need to catch up things!

I have so many things to share! I don’t know where exactly I should start. End of the month last yeast, I wanted to wrapped up my year 2012, but I was tangled up with all the activities from the holiday season.

And since this year has started, I felt like time flies so fast that so many things already happened, to think that it’s only the second month of the year.

Speaking about this month!

It’s the love month!

Last Feb 3 was my babe’s birthday and I am so proud of myself that I have given him a priceless gift. Let me share with you roughly about it.

It was his 27th year and I wanted to do something that would surprise him. I was having dilemmas at first but luckily I thought of a great idea. My accessory to that surprise is his younger sister who really helped me settle every detail and I am so thankful for that. We were planning on it since December 2012 and happy to settle it before his day.

So what I did, I prepared a card for him 2 days before his birthday. There were 3 more cards inside it. Each card has a note which he can only open and read during the specified date and time. And this made him more thrilled! I can see the excitement on his face when he saw those cards. He then opened the first card and saw an itinerary ticket for 1 dated Feb 2-5 from Manila to Singapore. I purposely cut out the name detail. Initially, he thought that he will be flying back to manila alone but then he was thinking how come the ticket says from manila to sg. Then he thought I booked the ticket wrongly. haha! I wanted to burst to laugh because he really didn’t get it! in fact, I had a note written on the itinerary ticket but he was so overwhelmed that he didn’t notice it so I had to point it out to him.  The note says, “happy birthday, hope you’ll enjoy your day with your sister!” When he finally realized it, the next thing I knew, he was already teary-eyed, then and there, he embraced me.

The 2nd card was also an itinerary ticket for 2 persons. He didn’t know about it until a day before his birthday when he was fetching his sister at the airport, he was stunned when he saw his parents. Unfortunately, I was not with him when he fetched them at the airport, but he told he was even more surprised because he really didn’t have any idea that they were coming for his birthday.


rod’s mom, dad, and sis 😉

The final card which he opened the night before his day, had 5 tickets going to Legoland where we spent his birthday, but that would be another story. 🙂

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