Almost Famous chocolate ice cream!

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I’m bored. From yesterday, I was on sick leave for 2 days. I was supposed to be on duty, but it’s another dysmenorrhea day for me! haist.. I’m all alone here at home, and there’s a heavy rain outside, so I decided to do something that could brighten up my day. I want an ice cream! But I want to try something new on my toppings.

So here is my weird experiment!

*Wash your hands first and foremost!*

You need to prepare the ff:

toblerone white chocolate (don’t bother the calories, hihi)

choco chips ( you can use any brand, but this one is great!)

ooh, I love this!

chocolate flavored ice cream (any brand will do)

Oops, I stained my vanilla choco chip ice cream! 🙂

After preparing, take two to three choco chips (depends on your preference).

Crushed those choco chips.

Take those white chocolate, and crushed them as well.

After that, you can now take scoops (2-3each)of vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream.

I don’t have the ice cream scoop, so i just used normal spoon. 🙂

Top it up with all the crushed white chocolate and choco chips.

Almost done!

Splash some chocolate syrup!photo-6

Voila! Serve/Eat immediately! 🙂

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