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Early week of March, I was quite bothered that I don’t have my monthly visit yet. I was worried for the thought that I might have something wrong in my reproductive system. At this age of 28, paranoia regarding infertile, retroverted uterus, fibroid and the likes have crossed my mind.

I noted Rod about it. I told him I wanted to do a pregnancy test and he was cool with it. So we went out to buy the test pack. At first, it was quite an awkward feeling. It was my first time to buy that thing. And it is even more awkward when we were already doing the test.

We followed the directions strictly so we will have a definite result. It says in the direction to wait a minute for the result. But in just few seconds…


our little angel's surprise :)

our little angel’s surprise 

We were both surprised and thrilled! We were speechless. We both didn’t say a word.We just embraced each other so tight, looked at each other, and utter the same words.

Simple yet comforting words.. “iloveyou..”

and from that moment, we knew we will have a new chapter in our lives. 😉

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