Sukob, true or not?

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Apparently, it wasn’t a problem for Rod’s family either, except for one thing. He surprised his family with the news but we were even more surprised when we heard the “sukob” belief.

We have thought of it at first but we didn’t really knew that it does really mean something to his family, especially his father.

So where does this “sukob”thing originates? Is there really such a thing as sukob? Is the word sukob even recognized in wikipedia?

I googled about the sukob. And the first one that comes out is about the movie “sukob”.

Actually, all along I really thought it just started with that movie. And i couldn’t find any literature that really supports this. It may or may not be a fabricated belief,  but upon reading and hearing stories from other people, it’s quite a serious and scary thing.

There were actually two beliefs regarding sukob. One is Sukob sa kasal, which siblings should not marry on the same year for it brings bad luck. Same goes with Sukob sa patay when one family member gets married with the same year a family member died.

One fact is that Sukob is not a Christian practice. It may have been originated from Filipino Pagans before. Years ago, on farming, they only have two harvest seasons in a year. The first one must be offered to their patron saint and the second harvest for their own families. So if ever there is a  2nd wedding, they have no more to offer, or they would offer for the wedding but no more for the saint, and that was forbidden. And through time, it was just translated vigorously.

In the end, it’s really all up to us if we will believe with it. Everything happens by our own choice anyway. Our mind is very powerful that whatever we think or not, may or may not happen. However, in my case, we do not want to disrespect any of our family members  who believed in it, so might as well follow what they think is right. Of course, they just want the best for us.

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