I broke up with my planner!

Early last year, I started using a planner for the first time which was a gift from hubby. It was plain and simple so I decided to design it myself.
planner d

I called it my 365 days of happiness. planner c

At first, I was constantly using it daily for a month. Then it became weekly. Until there were days that I’m too lazy to fill it up and I felt the hassle of carrying it everywhere I go. After some time, I just totally forgot about it and I figure out, it won’t work for me. And then we broke up! hehe.

My hubby helped me look for alternatives then. He suggested using Trello. I downloaded it right away, and I’ve been using it for nearly a year now.

Why do I like it?

  • It’s a mobile app, which I like cause I save myself from the stress of forgetting to bring the physical planner which is an additional weight to my already heavy bag. And because I’m bringing my phone everywhere I go, I can make changes directly on my phone.
  • You can share it with a team. Another good thing is that you can make a team board which you can share with others. I am sharing our family planner board to my hubby and both of us can see every detail. If he wants to make some changes or add up some info, he can. He can also write comments on a particular card and I will then receive notifications.
  • Stickers & Labels. One reason that made me use an actual planner is the use of stickers. I’m maarte kind of person and I used to decorate the planner with all the colorful and decorative stickers. In Trello, you can also place stickers on your card and label it on your own preference.
  • I feel more organized. I can make as many boards as I like and separate the tasks in different lists in a way that I can easily see the urgent things I need to accomplish. I can also remind myself of the task by setting a due date.
  • It’s FREE! I only got the basic plan which is free, but they also have this Trello Gold which I don’t think I really need it for now since I’m happy with the basic usage.

These are my sample boards.

Our family planner. (last January)

I am sharing this board with my hubby and so I made a legend for his reference. He knows that he should be very mindful with all the blues and red. (of course,  I still do remind him!). The rest is mostly for me. I have the list of the upcoming events. Weekly and monthly tasks are separated, as well as our short and long term goals to keep us on track. Once I’m done with some of the cards, I transferred them to archive in case I need to use it again.

We also have a separate board for our financial matters which is also a team board with my hubby, of course. Here he would be able to see my monthly budget allocation and summary of our expenses. There’s also a quick view of our investments so we know where our hard earned money are allocated.  Other cards include the list of our anticipated expenses, payments’ due, and other related money matters. I attached some charts for him to easily visualize our financial track and usually discuss it once a month.

Aside from team boards, I have my personal boards as well just to keep me updated on my personal tasks. I called it ME time. I specifically created an individual daily card list so I would know what I need to do on a particular day.

Another board I created is my menu plan. I haven’t finished my menu plan yet, hehe! But here, I can plan my menu for a week so I would know what to buy for our weekly groceries.

menu trello

Actually, I haven’t totally explored Trello that much, yet I’m already happy with the basic things. I want to share this with people who are still finding a planner that would fit them.

If you want to try, click here! * By clicking it and verifying your email, I’ll have a month free usage of Trello Gold. hehe! I’m not forcing you guys, but thank you! :))

*This is not a sponsored post*

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  • Chessy

    I’ve been looking for an app like this! My hubby and I have a calendar at home but this would be more helpful since I can update it anywhere! And the charts!!! Will use your link to download now 😊

  • Shalene R | PurplePieces.com

    I’m a planner junkie and yeah, there are times talaga na halos ayaw mo siyang gamitin. What’s that word? Overwhelmed. With tons and tons of what you have to do, parang wala ka na panahon para magsulat. But I find “plannering” therapeutic kasi. So even if it makes me feel stressed out sometimes (kasi blank lang yung weekly spread and I feel the need to keep up), I can’t break up with mine because having a planner is like a drug to me. Haha. Btw, I’m also using a planner on my mobile phone. :)

  • Michi

    I stopped using planner when I became SAHM, I only use a monthly calendar to record our activities. Tamad naman ko gumamit ng app, mas gusto ko magsulat. :)

  • Josephine

    I can relate much with the planner thing! Haha Ang bigat sa bag! So, most of the time, I really dont brint it with me. Lol
    Will try this Trello app. Hopefully, it will work for me too! :)

  • Michelle

    Baliktad naman tayo. I tried Trello last year. At first, natuwa ako sa kanya. Then I got bored. I’m the type of person kasi na mas gustong nagsusulat so now I’m doing bullet journaling na. 😀 Btw, you’re Trello boards are cute! Hindi ko na-try i-design ang Trello boards ko eh kaya siguro ako na-bore sa kanya. :)

    • itsallaboutwitwiw

      Nagexperiment lang ako kasi nabored din ako sa plain colors, and it turned out better. I guess whatever works for us, then go for it :)

  • Maan Laxa

    Your Trello board looks good! I also use Trello for our real estate group. But at the same time, I’m also using two planners – a ring planner for personal and school stuff (for my son) and a bullet journal for my 8-5 job and real estate. Your Trello board is #TrelloGoal though!

  • Malot

    I’ve always own a planner/organizer. Aside from the notebook type, I also used to have a digital organizer until apps became available. I’ve tried so many planner apps before, from the simplest to the most complex type, but this is the first time I’ve heard of Trello. It looks like it has everything one could ever need from a planner. Thanks for sharing :)

    • itsallaboutwitwiw

      Yes it is, I guess it has a lot more things that I haven’t really explored yet. Nice to know that a planner works for you :)

  • Joy

    My husband introduced me to Trello last year but I haven’t put much thought about it until I saw your menu plan. I didn’t know it could look that awesome! Now, I’m ready to use it. :)

  • Mommy Queenelizabeth

    Oh that looks nice. Im not really into planners but i used to collect some before. I stopped because i am a lazy person and i prefer using scratch papers, hahaha! Im a messy person too! But this one is admirable :)

    • itsallaboutwitwiw

      scratch papers? buti hindi mo nawawala mommy? kasi ako malilimutin din kaya i make sure i save it right away on my cp or pc.

  • Janice

    I’ve used Trello only once and it was for work. I haven’t really explored it much. But unlike you, I’m a planner addict. By planner I mean, the paper kind. :) I actually use a travelers notebook that has inserts for all the things I need to organize. I guess I’m just old school that way. I’ve always loved using pens and paper. I’ve tried going digital before but didn’t like it. It really varies per person. What matters is we use a system that works for us, right? :)

  • Ayi

    This is nice :) I’m actually a planner girl but haven’t tried anything yet that involves app and mobile phone :) Will check this out :)

  • Maria Teresa Figuerres

    You know I bought a planner, too, that I used last month and is now lying somewhere at home, untouched. It’s so plain, considering its price. Maybe that’s why I lost interest in it. Will give Trello a try. Thanks!

  • Macy Santos

    Cool! I heard about Trello, it’s been around for quite some time but had no idea how useful it could be. Got tons of planners too and like just a few pages were filled and the rest all blank. Too lazy to write. Will try this soon.

  • May Palacpac

    Ah yes, I love Trello. I use it for work. For personal scheduling, yeah, I’ve been miserably failing at planners too, haha! I find that a spread out desk calendar works best for me.

  • TweenselMom

    It’s nice that you found an app which works for you. I love to use planners also, and I envy those who can decorate and make their planners pretty. With me, I have my desktop calendar ( a huge one), one notebook on top of it to list all my to do things for the day, and one notebook for each project I have. I have a Mommy Mundo planner for my yearly goals though which I check from time to time.

  • Ma.Me.Mi.Mommy

    Trello looks so nice a! I’m so bad with planners also, getting all excited only during the first few days/weeks. I will have to check out Trello. Plus, it’s so nice that you can share boards.

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