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After the test, I and rod got mixed emotions.. We were happy of course but we were also scared. What’s good in our relationship is that we can talk about everything. We can share with each other even the worst things and still able to understand each other. But that night it was a serious discussion.. and we had different thoughts in our minds.

I, thinking:
-how to tell the big news to my family
-how rod’s family would react
-how would i tell my manager at work
-what would i look like during pregnancy

While rod, thinking:
-how to tell to his family
-how would my parents react, especially my father
-how would others think about it
-how would his so called “secret plans” for proposal and wedding would go through
-where will i deliver the baby
-how can we take care of the baby while were both here in Singapore
-how will be our plans of transferring to another country
-do we already have enough budget
-are we going to get married soon
-is it okay for us to get married in the same year with his brother..

At that time, it was a big impact for Rod. I understand him because he is the man and he will be the head of the family. I am proud of him for being responsible even before this thing happened.
I have to admit that we were both overwhelmed by the thought of all those. It’s not that we didn’t really expected for this. As a matter of fact, we were already planning of settling down and have a family of our own. It just happened that it came up earlier than what we were planning but we don’t have any regrets. We are actually feeling so blessed that God has given us this precious one. Beforehand we were already talking about it and we did said that if ever it will be given to us, we will be more than happy to accept it.

It is an unexplained feeling. What i know is that both of us needs to be stronger and more supportive to each other especially at this point in time. Whatever happened is our choice and we know that God has better plans for us. 🙂

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