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For the past days, I have been well and feeling fine. Until today, I experienced my first ever morning sickness. Whew! I was about to prepare some breakfast for Rod before he goes for work, and then suddenly, that feeling when you just suddenly felt dizzy and nauseated and you feel like throwing out everything you have in your stomach but you haven’t eaten anything because it’s 8 in the morning.. and that tightened pain on your epigastric region makes you squeeze yourself . Yeah!

Luckily it lasted for just  few minutes. Afterwards, I’m fine again.

Thank God!

By this, I am already 10 weeks pregnant and I’m still on my first trimester. They say that the first trimester is the most important yet the most dangerous stage of pregnancy. The major organs of the baby are beginning to form at this time. This is also the stage when the woman will definitely experienced profound changes.

Most women, will experience vomiting or the one we usually called the morning sickness. This is a result of some hormonal changes. Well, blame it all to the hormones guys! Specially if the women becomes more moody and less buoyant. It is still because of the hormones guys! Please bear with us! 🙂

Well i can say that i am a lucky one because even before i wasn’t pregnant yet, i already got mood swings, and Rod will be as understandable as he is most of time.  So he is already used to it. Heehee!

I also feel I always have some tender and swollen breast. Yes it’s because of the estrogen hormones again. I was a only a size 32 a lady before, which change to 34 a when i was like 25. And when i realize that i’m already pregnant, i can feel that 34a is too tight for me. Now, my bra size is already 36a! I can’t believe it at first but when i tried on that size, it’s more comfortable. Whew! We had to go to La Senza and shop for quite a number of bras, and panties of course. I was also anticipating that my XS undies will no longer fit me in a span of time.

Then there’s frequency of urination. It’s probably because i now drank like 2 liters of water in a day. Sad to say i had to quit on drinking coke. It’s a good thing though.

And food cravings! I definitely love food but i also watched out my frequency of eating before i got pregnant. Now that i’m 10 weeks, no room for dieting! I am surprised that every 2 hours, i  always feel very hungry. Small frequent feeds are better than 3 large diet anyway. I am careful with my food intake and i go for less salty and less oily foods. I eat a lot of fruits. Apples are my best friend nowadays. Rod will always prepare sliced apple for me, mixed with few drops of orange juice and keep it in fridge. And i just munch it a few minutes.

In addition to this, i never forget taking my prenatal supplements such as folic acid and iron. Iron can  make you constipated that why i drink a lot of water plus eating fruits.

Reading books and surfing the net for info regarding pregnancy help a lot. I am a first time mother and i wanted this first pregnancy to be really safe. I am also excited to go back in the Philippines so I can talk to my mama and would definitely ask her lots of questions. And Rod’s mother as well, cause she s a midwife. She’ll probably give me some info also.  I also downloaded iphone app called baby center, which got a lot of info and will update you daily regarding the progress of your baby.

I am a nurse and I have some ideas about pregnancy.  But i can say that it’s quite different  feeling when you yourself is the one pregnant. Thinking about the baby is a happy thought for me and Rod that’s why we wanted to make sure that everything will be fine and safe. 🙂

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