an open letter to “our first”

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Dear baby,

By now, your daddy and i have not yet decided on your name. we wanted to follow your name with your dad and grandpa, but we were also thinking on giving you other name.

When daddy and i found out that we were having you, we were quite scared at first. scared that we might not be prepared enough to be responsible parents for you. But of course, we were more excited and joyful.. your grandmas and grandpas, titas and titos, ninangs and ninongs were very much happy as well.

March 19, 2013 when we did the first test. And yes, it’s positive!


We wanted to make it sure so we did a test again last March 22, 2013. And yes! It clearly shows!


This was us when we were 6 weeks.. can hardly see you, but you were already inside mommy’s tummy.




When i had my first check up with the doctor, you were 8 weeks then..

here’s your first pic baby!



I was so happy seeing you for the first time baby! You were so precious! Daddy wasn’t able to come with us cause he was at work. So i took this short video so i can show to him. The male voice was our doctor baby.

My pic when we were 8 weeks.



Thankyou baby for not giving me nausea and vomiting. But during my first trimester, I had facial rashes. But it’s not your fault baby. I blame it to the hormones!






Your dad was of great help indeed! He would prepare slices of apples for me that helped in preventing my nausea.



Baby, there were days that we would just be in bed, and we’ll sleep and rest the whole day. We became sleeping machine. 🙂



Mommy at 10 weeks



I went for an ultrasound when you were 12 weeks,. the tech was having difficulty seeing you because you were quite alert. and then, after few minutes.. here’s what we found..

A thumb-sucking baby!



To think that I just ate a sandwich before that ultrasound. You’re so cute baby!

Daddy was on work so he wasn’t able to see you..
here’s daddy baby..



Dad is so sweet baby.. He would still bring me out for movies and dinner.



He would cook for us most of the time.



And he would really make me feel special especially on those bad days..



On our 14th week, I am already starting to see a bump.



On our 16th week..



I can no longer fit into my usual 2xs uniform.

Your ninang sue and ninang anne accompanied me to fit a maternity dress uniform.



I dont want to press you too hard so by our 18th week, I needed to
change to maternity dress



To tell you honestly, i felt a little awkward wearing this dress.. It seems so big for me. I actually made several alterations on the dress so it will still fit nice for me.. heehee.

Despite looking big in my uniform, daddy still thinks I’m pretty.



And I am really taking care of my body specially I know I already have you. I still want to look good for your dad despite the fact that I am becoming huge although I didn’t really gain so much weight.

Daddy thought we were having a baby girl, because he said I am blooming and prettier..

Until our 20th week..



Can hardly see but that’s your sex organ baby!

Our baby boy!

I was quite surprised and happy as well. And your dad? How i wish i captured that moment when he cannot take off that big smile in his face knowing he has a junior. We were both happy to know that we were having a little man.

There you are on your 4d pic. This was the nicest image because you were very active and couldnt stay in one position.

Daddy said you look like him. And of course i disagree! But yes, you look like dad. Both handsome.

I can finally feel you by your 20th weeks. You’re very alert and active just like your dad. We always talk to you baby. During daytime when were off from work, i would play baby songs to you. And i can feel you move depends on the tune. At night, i would read bedtime stories to you and i can feel you cuddling with me.

Daddy would sing songs to you. He would sang Linkin Park songs to you baby and you will kick quite hard like you’re really enjoying the song. Daddy’s enjoying your movement as well.

And we would pray together at night, and dad will kiss you goodnight.

On this late second trimester, I oftentimes feel bad back pain. Really painful that daddy would need to carry me to bed at times. Don’t worry baby, mommy’s strong just like you. I would endure whatever just for you. And daddy’s very supportive. Every night he would give me back massage just to ease the pain. Whenever we got home from work he would be the one to take off my stockings. And when i take shower, he’ll brush and clean my feet for i have difficulty bending down. I love your daddy so much baby. Even though there are times, (several times) that i argue and quarrel with him, and for the reasons i also don’t know why. It’s the hormones, probably.

Sorry for those times i have been depressed and stressed out, especially at work. I know somehow you were also affected particularly on long standing hours, but you are a strong boy.

By 24 weeks, i can really feel you. you became more and more active baby. Here’s a proof.

On our 26th weeks, you became more and more active and we can really feel you moving on my tummy. At times, daddy would whisper to you to rest for awhile so mommy can also rest. It’s ok baby. I don’t mind. In fact, i am missing you when there were times that you’ll be quiet inside mommy’s tummy and i would request to you to cuddle me, and you will.

We’re already planning a baby shower for you next month. We’ll be heading on our last trimester baby. So hang on there little man. I know you can’t wait to see the beauty of the world. We are also very excited to see your angelic face and touch your warm little hands. We’ll see you soon baby! Dad and Mom loves you so.

Bunches of love and kisses,

Mommy 🙂



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