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Since I came back to work last January, I have been dead tired whenever I get home. Nowadays, we are so busy in the ward and seldom that we go on breaks. Most of the time, we skip our meals and forget our own toilet breaks. Well, that’s just some of the few drawbacks of a nurse.

Finally, I got time to share here..

Oh.. how I miss the times I was on long leave during maternity.. It was 119 days on leave.. wow.. The days when I was just at home, waking up with prepared food for breakfast, go out on days you wanted to, rest on the days you preferred to. The days when you do not have to worry about the daily stress you have and will have at work. Those days when I have to spend most of my time with my loved ones, especially my little man.

Speaking of our little man,



He’s already 5 months now, and just few more days, going half a year. Time flies so fast indeed. It is still fresh on my mind how I carry this tiny human being, frequently having hiccups inside my tummy, and now, look at him.. he can already lie on his stomach.


and his cheerfulness is very much contagious!


One of the toughest days I had was when we have to come back here in Singapore while marshall stays in the Philippines. I literally cried the whole day. From the car, to the airport, to the plane, to the house. And I wanted to go back to Philippines right away. Thankfully Rod has been very supportive as ever.

Last February, we went back to Philippines and we brought Marshall in Singapore.

Our first flight together 🙂


heehee! look at that sleeping machine! 🙂

He stayed with us, together with my mom and sister for a month. How I wish he can stay with us longer. Until now, I could not explain the emptiness I am experiencing during these kind of days. It is certainly incomparable when you’re with your child. But we both know that God has plans for us. He is giving us time to focus on work for now, plan, and prepare. Sooner or later, in His perfect time, we will be together.

For now, back to LDR 🙂




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